Site 5 on Oct 30 saw 5 bags of weeds removed on a lovely sunny Sunday.

There is concern amongst our community about the proposed rezoning of large parts of the Pittwater wildlife corridors. A meeting in the town hall on Oct 16 has resulted in a partition being organised – this is separate from your individual objection. Please look at the possible ramifications for your local area and make your voice heard….


1.    Rule out rezoning of C4 land to residential 
2.    Apply conservation zonings to properties where any significant environmental values or hazards are present 
3.    Create Scenic Foreshore Protection areas from shorelines to ridge lines 
4.    Retain all Heritage Conservation Areas and investigate those proposed – but not yet implemented – by the former Pittwater Council 

Click on the link and sign and send around

We need to be strong caretakers and keep the Northern Beaches beautiful for our grandchildren to see.