March 4th will be our first working bee for 2018 – provided the weather is fair.

It has been a very dry season and our new plantings have suffered. We have lost more than usual because children remove the tree covers and use them as slides. The covers actually create a small micro-climate for the plants and increases their survival rate . If you have young ones please ask them to not remove the covers and stakes.

We are extremely grateful to the local residents who allow us access to their water supply , this year it was “Rolf” of Myola Road ,but  in previous years it was the Brown , Hutton, and Kershaw families .

Thumbs down to those residents who continue to dump their garden waste and lawn clippings into the reserve. Not only can this incur a $3000 fine , but it spreads the weeds throughout the reserve and shows utmost disrespect for both  our laws and our volunteering efforts to sustain Betty Morrison’s gift.   Use your green bins please.